Want to Ref or NSO?

O.C. Dee and Keri Daway spend practically every summer weekend on a derby track, and we're glad one of those weekends is with us at the 2018 Fresh and the Furious Tournament as our Tournament Head Ref and Tournament Head NSO! 

O.C. Dee started as an NSO in 2012 and began reffing in 2013. She has been Head Ref at RDD, and is currently a Ref for both ToRD and RDD. It's not uncommon to see O.C. Dee reffing a double header during the day and then booking it to another event hours away to ref another double header in the evening. This year O.C. Dee will be involved in multiple tournaments both in Canada and the US. 

Keri Daway has been involved with derby for 8 years, and in that time Keri has basically done most everything you can do in derby. Keri started out with ToRD and SSRR, and then became a founding member of the Renegade Derby Dames. Her favourite part of NSOing is making sense of the chaos and turning it all into stats to understand and see the big picture.  

Ref and NSO applications for the Fresh and the Furious Tournament are available. Apply now, applications close May 11


Any questions can be emailed to: